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In the state of Arizona, the law makes clear that every child has the right to be supported by both of his parents. If the parents do not live together as a nuclear family, one parent will likely be obligated to pay child support to the other. Parents need to understand the rules regarding child support in order to take appropriate legal action to get the financial assistance they need to provide for a child. 

Our child support lawyers in Scottsdale know how important it is for you to have financial resources to provide your child with the best of opportunities in life. We can represent you in legal actions to secure a support order and to enforce a child support decree.

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Arizona Laws on Child Support

In Arizona, a non-custodial parent is obligated to pay child support even if he or she does not have visitation rights to the child. If paternity (the identity of the child’s father) has not been established, either the mother or a guardian or the state can pursue a case to determine who the father is and compel support. These payments must be paid until a child reaches the age of 18. If the father is not identified at birth, he may owe back child support once paternity is established.

How Is Child Support Determined in Arizona?

A standard formula is used to determine support, and parents generally may not deviate from this formula unless there is a compelling reason for this decision. A parent also cannot waive the right to child support in a prenuptial agreement. It is the child who is entitled to the support, and a parent cannot give up this right on the child’s behalf.

The Amount of Child Support That Must Be Paid Will Vary Depending Upon Many Factors Including:

  • The incomes of each parent
  • The amount of time that each parent spends physically caring for the child under the terms of the custody agreement
  • The unique needs of the child including any factors that result in extra expenditures
  • The number of children that a couple has
  • Other financial obligations that the paying parent has, including support orders for other children

Can Child Support Increase?

When your circumstances change, your child support arrangement might need to change as well. These changes must be significant, and you must provide proof that modification is appropriate. Your best option is to talk with an experienced Scottsdale child support lawyer about whether your change in circumstances will justify a support modification.

Reasons to Increase Child Support

How to Modify Child Support 

If you believe that a change in the amount of child support being paid for your child is appropriate and necessary, you should talk with an experienced Scottsdale child support attorney as soon as possible. You cannot just stop paying the support you owe, nor can you simply demand that the other parent pay more because your child’s needs have increased. You need to go through the formal process of modifying your support order.

Changing a support order can be complicated, and requires filing legal paperwork. Singer Pistiner, P.C. can take care of his process for you so you can get your support order modified as quickly as possible, and so you will have the best chance of a successful modification.

Getting Legal Help with Child Support

Singer Pistiner, PC. can assist parents who are separating or divorcing when securing a child support order. While the issue of child support is often decided in a divorce, there is no requirement that the parents have ever been married in order for support to be ordered. Child support may also be decided as part of custody proceedings, or the issue may be addressed in a separate court action.

Our Scottsdale child support lawyers have extensive experience with all types of legal actions related to the issue of child support. We assist clients with seeking an initial support order, filing for paternity actions, seeking a modification to a support decree, custodial needs, and enforcing those mandates. Our goal is always to resolve the issues with a minimum of time, stress, and expense so you can get the money your child needs as quickly as possible.

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