Child Abuse Faqs

Child Abuse FAQs

Child abuse and neglect are among the more horrifying crimes that people commit, due to the vulnerability of children and the strong potential for lasting harm. When abuse is suspected, it is of paramount importance to involve property authorities and to do everything possible to ensure a child is kept safe.

Singer Pistiner, P.C. can provide assistance in cases of abuse. We offer help to parents and families who are working to protect their children. We also know that there are some circumstances where false allegations of abuse are made, and we can assist in these circumstances too with helping to keep families together.

Our legal team has the compassion and sensitivity to offer aid when families are addressing difficult situations surrounding abuse, so give us a call at 602.899.0248 to get assistance from an experienced attorney who will work hard on your family’s case. You can also review the answers we have prepared below to some frequently asked questions about abuse so you can find out more about how Arizona law protects kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:Who investigates reports of abuse?

    A:testIf reports of child abuse are made, those reports may be investigated by the Department of Child Safety. When DCS receives a credible report that a child may be a victim of abuse or neglect, DCS will send an investigator into the child’s home to conduct an interview and obtain essential information. The child who is thought to be a potential victim of abuse will be interviewed. DCS investigators may also talk to other people with information about the possible abuse including siblings, parents, neighbors, friends, and the child’s doctor. DCS will decide what comes next after an investigation, with options including removing the child from the family home and pursuing a criminal case against the abusive parent. Find out more here about who investigates reports of abuse.

  • Q:Do I need a lawyer if my child is removed by child protection in Arizona?

    A:If your child is removed from your home by Department of Child Safety, you will need to consult with an attorney. DCS removes children when parents are suspected of abuse or neglect. You could be faced with criminal charges if DCS has referred your case to law enforcement based on allegations of suspected abuse. You could also be at risk of losing your parental rights. You want to do everything possible to resolve the concerns of DCS, to defend yourself in family court proceedings, and to achieve reunification with your child. Find out more in this free report about why you need a lawyer if DCS removes your child.

  • Q:What are the risks of staying in an abusive relationship?

    A:If a relationship has turned abusive between parents, children are at risk. In some cases, the violence can escalate and the abusive partner can begin to physically target the children as well as the intimate partner. When this happens, reporting the abuse to appropriate authorities can trigger an investigation into both domestic abuse and child abuse. Even if the child is not being physically harmed, witnessing the abuse between parents can do substantial emotional damage. If you remain in an abusive relationship, you and your children could be in danger. Find out more here about the risks of staying in an abusive relationship.

  • Q:What laws protect children from sexual abuse?

    A:Children are at risk of sexual abuse from caregivers, family members, and other adults who they encounter throughout their lives. There are many laws in place to protect children from sexual abuse. For example, mandated reporter laws require doctors, teachers, and certain other adults to report suspected sexual abuse. Criminal laws also impose harsh penalties on any sexual behaviors involving minors who cannot consent, with laws prohibiting child pornography as well as criminalizing any and all sexual conduct with someone who is under age. Find out more about laws to protect children from sexual abuse.

  • Q:What if your ex is abusive to your kids?

    A:If you are divorced, separated, or in the process of separating, you need to make sure your children are kept safe. One issue that arises is when one parent is abusive. If either parent is being abusive, it is important to document the abuse and involve appropriate authorities. Credible allegation of abuse can result in a full investigation and appropriate legal action against the alleged abuser. Abuse can also affect custody. A parent who has a history of abuse or who is engaging in inappropriate behavior could be denied all visitation, or could be given limited supervised visitation rights only. Find out more here about what to do if your ex is abusive to your kids.

  • Q:How do allegations of abuse affect custody?

    A:In some cases, allegations of child abuse or neglect are made when parents separate. These allegations may be credible and accurate. In fact, the abuse may be one of the driving factors resulting in the divorce. However, false allegations are also made in some circumstances when couples are divorcing. As a result, if allegations of abuse are made at the time of a separation or divorce, it is necessary for the court to determine if the child is actually being harmed. If there is abuse occurring, the abusive parent may get no visitation time with the child or may be given limited supervised visits. Find out more here about how allegations of abuse affect custody.

  • Q:How does an attorney help when child abuse is occurring?

    A:If child abuse is affecting your family, your attorney will help you in many important ways. An attorney can assist you in working with authorities to ensure your children are safe and protected. If you are separated divorced, or divorcing from the abuser, your attorney can also help you to argue in favor of a custody arrangement that protects your kids. To find out more about how a Scottsdale child abuse attorney can help you, give us a call at (480) 418-7011 or contact us online to speak with a member of our legal team. How does an attorney help when child abuse is occurring?

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