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Miscellaneous Family Law FAQs

When issues arise among family members, tensions are high. Unfortunately, when the issues affecting your family relationships are legal matters, you also have to deal with the complexities and complications of understanding Arizona family law. This can be a big concern for parents and grandparents who have custody concerns and who are worried a custody arrangement may not make it possible for them to see enough of their children or grandchildren. It can also be an issue for couples who have decided to end a relationship.

Singer Pistiner, PC understands the concerns that individuals have when they feel their future relationships or their future security is at risk because of family law matters. We provide invaluable assistance to fathers, mothers, and grandparents when there are concerns about child custody and support. We also provide help in addressing all other family law concerns. There is no substitute for personalized advice, no matter what your family law matters, so give us a call as soon as possible to get help.

To provide you with some of the basic insight you need in order to determine whether the law is on your side in family matters or not, we’ve also prepared answers to some frequently asked questions which you are likely to have. Feel free to review these answers below, and give us a call if you have any questions.

Getting Help from Singer Pistiner, PC

While these answers give you some basic insight into what your rights are in family matters, you need to ensure you have an advocate looking out for your interests throughout every step of your annulment, custody case, or other family law issue. Give Singer Pistiner, PC a call today to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:Can men get protective orders for domestic violence?

    A:While many people consider domestic violence to affect women more than men, people of both genders can be victims. If men are being abused or threatened by their wives or by their same-sex partners, they can absolutely get protective orders for domestic violence. Find out more about the circumstances under which men could get protective orders.

  • Q:What happens if a father denies a child is his?

    A:If a mother is trying to get child support, it can be a problem if the father denies that the child belongs to him. Under these circumstances, a child custody lawyer should be consulted in order to help initiate paternity proceedings. Once it has been proved that a child belongs to a father, that father can be required to pay support. Find out more about how a child support attorney helps when a father denies a child belongs to him.

  • Q:Do fathers have visitation rights with their children?

    A:A person who is a legal father of a child should have visitation rights to a child unless or until his parental rights are terminated. If a mother is withholding visitation or if there is no custody agreement in place, the father may need to petition the court for assistance in getting visitation time. If there are questions about the paternity of the child, the father may need to prove his paternity through a DNA test in order to be granted visitation rights.

  • Q:Can fathers ever get sole custody of their kids?

    A:There are many situations when fathers can get sole custody of their kids. The court considers the bestinterests of the child when determining who should get custody, and there is not a preference for either parent. If the father can demonstrate that he was the primary caregiver and/or that he can provide a more stable home going forward, the father can be awarded primary custody.

  • Q:Can a grandparent apply for access to a child?

    A:There are circumstances under which a grandparent can apply for access to a child. A grandparent can generally ask the court to step in and grant visitation if the child’s parents are divorced, if one of the child’s parents is missing and cannot be found, or if one of the child’s parents has passed away. If the child’s parents are married and choosing not to allow the grandparent time with the grandchildren, the grandparents usually cannot get help from the courts in obtaining access to a grandchild under these circumstances.

  • Q:What can a grandparent do if a son-in-law is preventing access to grandkids?

    A:If a son-in-law is preventing access to grandkids, the options available to the grandparents will depend upon the circumstances. If their daughter is still married to the man who is preventing access, then the grandparents do not really have any legal options. However, if their daughter is dead, missing, or divorced from their son-in-law, then the grandparents can petition the court for third party visitation. The grandparents would need to convince the court that it was in the child’s best interests for the court to grant visitation time with the grandparents.

  • Q:When a petition for grandparent visitation is filed, do grandparents get access?

    A:If grandparents have standing to go to court and ask for third party visitation rights, this does not necessarily mean they will be given visitation rights under all circumstances. The court considers what is in the best interests of the child. The court may consider how involved the grandparents have been in the child’s life in the past, what sort of environment the grandparents can provide, what access to the extended family the child will have, and how visitation rights will affect a child’s other activities.

  • Q:Can grandparents get custody of their grandkids?

    A:There are situations where grandparents are given temporary or even permanent custody of their grandchildren. This is possible when parents sign over custody, when parents pass away, or when parents prove to be unfit and unable to provide appropriate care for their kids

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