Child Custody Issues with Teenage Children

A Scottsdale child custody attorney can represent parents who want to make an appropriate custody plan based on their unique family situation. Every family is different, and it is best if parents are able to understand Arizona’s rules for sharing parenting time and make choices that are best for their unique family circumstances. This can be especially important — and also especially difficult — if the children are teenagers at the time that the divorce occurs. 

Singer Pistiner, P.C. works closely with parents of children of all ages. Our legal team advises parents on their custody rights under Arizona law and helps parents to negotiate a custody arrangement outside of court that works for their children as well as for the needs of the parents.

We can also provide representation if you must litigate the issue of custody. If you have teenagers and are concerned about how your divorce will impact them or if you are worried about how to find a custody arrangement that makes sense for your family, give us a call today to talk with a Scottsdale child custody attorney at our firm to learn how we can help you.

Child Custody Issues with Teenage Children

Deciding on custody is difficult no matter how old kids are, but it can be especially hard with teenagers for a few reasons. One big issue is that teenage children may have firm opinions about the divorce and about what their own preferences are for how they split time with their parents.

Teenage children may have the maturity to speak out about which parent they would prefer to live with and how they want to divide their times, so parents will need to carefully consider how much weight they want to place on their child’s opinions on custody. If parents aren’t able to agree on an arrangement to share parenting time, a decision will also have to be made regarding whether the child will share his or her opinion with the judge.

While teenagers can and often do form opinions on custody, putting them in a position where they would have to share their preferences in court can still be traumatic for young people. Kids, even when they are teenagers, may not want to feel as if they are being put in the middle and being forced to choose between their parents.

If kids are eager to express their opinions on custody, it is also important for parents or the judge deciding on custody to consider the underlying reasons why the young people may have formed the preferences they have. Teenage children can sometimes play their parents off each other, and they may be tempted to express a preference for living with a parent who they think will let them get away with more or who they think will not be able to supervise them as closely. If this is the case, it may not necessarily be the best thing for the children and family to give into the children’s preferred suggestions for a custody arrangement.

Parents not only need to be careful when deciding the level of input they give to teens about custody, but they also need to make sure they aren’t competing with each other to try to convince the teen to choose to live with them — especially if this competition undermines effective parenting.

All of these issues can be tricky enough if parents are willing to work together outside of court to find the best custody arrangement. If parents are fighting each other over custody, then the situation becomes even more difficult to handle and it can become less likely for parents to reach a consensus and come up with an out-of-court parenting plan agreeable to both parents.

Getting Help from a Scottsdale Child Custody Attorney

A Scottsdale child custody attorney at Singer Pistiner, P.C. will provide parents with insight into how custody rules in Arizona work and will help parents to make smart, informed determinations about what type of custody plan makes sense for their own unique family needs. We can also help you to negotiate on custody with your ex or to present a case in court to convince the judge that your custody preferences are in the best interests of your children. To find out more about how our firm can help with your custody issues, give us a call at (480) 418-7011 or contact us online today.

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