Advantages and Disadvantages to Joint Custody

A Scottsdale child custody attorney assists parents in understanding different types of parenting time or custody arrangements. There are a variety of different ways that parents can split up time with their kids in order to ensure that a child is still able to build and maintain a strong relationship with both parents even after a separation has occurred. Singer Pistiner, P.C. can explain each different option to parents and provide advice on the pros and cons of different types of shared custody. 

Custody is one of the most important issues in any divorce or separation, so parents need to become educated on parenting time issues and make informed choices. You want to do what is best for your family and we want to help you make the process of determining custody as easy as possible.

Give us a call today to talk with a Scottsdale child custody attorney to learn more about the assistance we offer. We can help you to evaluate pros and cons of different kinds of custody plans, such as joint custody, and can assist in doing everything possible to argue for your preferred arrangements.

Advantages of Joint Custody

According to Arizona Code Section 25-302, the court considers the best interests of the child when trying to make decisions regarding what kinds of custody arrangement is the right one. Parents should try to work out what is best for their kids without turning to the court, but they should also consider what is best for their kids and make certain they make the right choices.

Joint custody is often the best choice for a lot of different reasons. Some of the significant advantages to joint custody include:

  • Children continue to see both parents and form relationships with both parents. Unless there is abuse or any parent is unfit, kids tend to do better and to cope more easily with divorce if they still get to see both of their parents on a regular basis.
  • Parents still get to see their kids.  For most parents, having a relationship with their children is very important. Getting to spend time with their kids after divorce ensures they can continue to form that relationship.
  • Kids get time with extended family from both parents’ sides of the family. When both parents see their children and have time with them, the parents can also make sure kids see grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and other extended family members.
  • Parents have support and help when raising children. If parents share time with their kids, they do not have to be solely responsible for their children’s care. Getting a break and working with the other parent to parent the children is still beneficial, even if the couple is divorced, as long as they can get along reasonably.

Parents should strongly consider the significant advantages of joint custody as they make decisions on what is best for their family.  If parents can come to an agreement that makes sense and works well for their kids and their own schedules, then there will be no need for expensive court action or contentious litigation that can make divorce so difficult.

Disadvantages of Joint Custody

With a joint custody arrangement, a child splits time with parents, which means the child moves around from house to house. The specific schedule which is chosen will vary from family to family. However, since a child has to move around, this can create a sense of uncertainty and inconsistency to a child’s routine. A child may feel frustrated to be continually moving from home to home and may not have the sense of stability that kids need.

Parents need to be careful about how they structure their custody arrangement in order to make sure they can find a way for both parents to see children while still providing a stable and structured home life.

How a Scottsdale Child Custody Attorney Can Help You

Whether you believe joint custody is right for your family or not, you will need to be persuasive in negotiation or in litigation when arguing that your preference for custody is the right one. Singer Pistiner, P.C. can provide you with help in understanding different custody options and trying to create a parenting plan that is right for you and your kids.

To find out more about how child custody works in divorce, you can download our free divorce guide. You can also call (480) 418-7011 or contact us online to speak with a Scottsdale child custody attorney who can help you throughout the custody process.

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